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Duplex Bushes

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Duplex Bushes

What are duplex bushes?

Duplex bushes are similar to standard bushes, but are reinforced with an intermediate tube. This bush configuration provides high radial load bearing whilst retaining low axial and torsional stiffness rates.

Duplex bushes can be semi or fully bonded depending on size and loads. The rubber is pre-stressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability.

At Aegis Rubber Engineering, we design and manufacture a full range of semi and fully bonded duplex bushes. Our expert engineering team will find the ideal solution to suit your product’s needs.

Get in touch today if you would like more information or download our duplex bush datasheet, or contact us for more details of our current range or a quotation for a new product. Please note, for our current product range, outside diameter ØD ranges from Ø57mm to Ø250mm.

What materials are duplex bushes made from?

We manufacture our duplex bushes using natural rubber to BS5179:1975, with the highest tensile specification achieved for each hardness band. Each band is tighter than allowed by specification.

We manufacture tubes to: BS6323: Part 4, DIN2393 / DIN1629 and bar to: BS970: Part 1:1983.

What applications are duplex bushes used for?

Aegis’ semi and fully bonded duplex bush products can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Block products

Duplex Bushes
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