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Introduction to the product range

We can offer a wide range of designs to suit your application, from conventional bonded rubber bushes, pedestal mounts, bump stops and rubber springs to bespoke designs. We specialise in rubber-to-metal bonding technology and the use of natural and synthetic rubbers.

Our products can be used for:

Bushes (Flexible Bearings)

We offer a wide range of bushes for a variety of applications. Bushes can be used to accommodate loads, reduce shock, correct misalignment and manage vibration across many industrial situations.


We manufacture a range of coupling types, including flexible couplings, coupling ball joint bushes, link arm assemblies and power take-off couplings.


Parts which are entirely or predominantly made of rubber or another elastomer, can be moulded in a wide range of configurations. Products we currently manufacture include bladders, covers, bump stop, caps, gaiters and gaskets.

Mounts and buffers

Rubber mounts are an effective anti vibration solution for various applications including compressors, engines, gearboxes, fans, instrumentation and generators. Buffers are an ideal solution for Shock isolation and limit stops.

Wheels and rollers

We manufacture a variety of products in this range, and also offer a refurbishment service for wheels, including those from tracked vehicles.

Block products