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Spherical Bearings

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Spherical Bearings

What is a spherical bearing?

These bushes consist of a contoured inner and outer metal forming a ball-joint, articulated by a thin annulus of rubber. They are designed to accommodate high radial and axial loads and allow conical and torsional displacement and misalignments.

They allow machines to run effectively at high speeds, smoothing the movement between parts and reducing the likelihood that components rub or grind against each other, extending the life of the machinery but also increasing efficiency.

Contact Aegis today if you would like more information about these products or a quote for a new product. Alternatively, download our datasheet for further information on our spherical bearings.

How spherical bearings are made

Once they have been designed by our skilled engineers, the rubber is fully bonded to the inner and outer metals. Is it then ‘stress relieved’ which is a process that pre-stresses the rubber and improves the durability of the bush.

For our current product range, bore diameter ØD ranges from Ø62mm to Ø85mm.

What applications are semi-bonded bushes used for?

Aegis’ DJ type ball-joint bush products can be used for a variety of applications, including:

What materials are semi-bonded bushes made from?

We manufacture our inner sleeve bushes according to the following specifications:

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Spherical Bearings
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