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Our extensive product line is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of industries, covering everything from processing and sorting to robust conveyor systems.

At Aegis Rubber Engineering, we understand the intricacies of industrial operations, and our commitment to excellence shines through our range of products.


Our comprehensive range includes bushes, mountings, link arms, and couplings, strategically employed across a spectrum of uses.


Whether it's powering pulverizers and shaker-screen plants in the mineral processing sector or seamlessly facilitating conveyor systems in food and beverage preparation, our products are the backbone of reliability and versatility.


One of our key strengths lies in offering tailor-made solutions. Recognising that every industrial environment is unique, we take pride in providing customisable options. Our clients have the flexibility to choose from a range of rigid materials, elastomers, colours and configurations, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed the specific requirements of their operations.


With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions for the industrial sector. Trust us to deliver products that not only meet industry standards but set new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

Other Applications for our range of products include:


Bonded bushes

The fully bonded bush consists of rubber bonded between two concentric steel sleeves. The bush is designed to accommodate small torsion, conical and axial movements and endure radial loads.


Cylindrical and rectangular buffers designed for vibration and shock isolation.

Cone Mounts/Flange Mounts

Designed to accommodate torsional, conical and radial movements,

Duplex Bushes

Duplex bushes are similar to standard bushes, but are reinforced with an intermediate tube. This bush configuration provides high radial load bearing whilst retaining low axial and torsional stiffness rates.

Inner Sleeve Bushes

Inner sleeve bushes consist of rubber bonded to the inner sleeve and are designed to accommodate small torsion, conical and axial movements and endure radial loads.

Link Arm Assemblies

We can provide complete link arm assemblies using either customer supplied metalwork or in-house fabricated components.

Pedestal / Machine Mounts

Designed principally to endure axial loads and accommodate torsional, conical and radial movements.

Power Take-Off Couplings

We make a variety of sizes of couplings and can build custom sizes to your specification.

Rubber Bridge Bearings

We supply Rubber Bridge Bearings with varying stiffness characteristics and material grades to suit your application.

Rubberised wheels

Manufactured using abrasive resistant natural rubber our rubberised wheels are used predominantly as road and guide wheels for tracked vehicles.

Sandwich, Bobbin and Shear Mounts

Sandwich, bobbin and shear mounts are used for a variety of applications including engine mounts and vibration equipment. They are designed to accommodate misalignment and provide vibration and shock isolation for shear and compressive axial loads.

Semi Bonded Bushes

A semi-bonded bush consists of rubber sandwiched between two concentric steel sleeves. The rubber is bonded to the inner sleeve and interference fitted to the outer sleeve. The semi-bonded bush is designed to accommodate small torsion, conical and axial movements and endure radial loads.


We offer a variety of non-standard bushes, designed to customer specification. If required we can use customer metal work to produce the finished part.

Spherical Bearings

These bushes consist of a contoured inner and outer metal forming a ball-joint, articulated by a thin annulus of rubber. They are designed to accommodate high radial and axial loads and allow conical and torsional displacement and misalignments.

Spring-Eye Bushes

The spring-eye bush consists of rubber bonded to an inner tube and force-fitted into an outer sleeve. The spring-eye bush is similar to the semi-bonded bush series, although the outer metals are turned over to increase radial and axial load bearing capability.

Block products